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Website Maintenance: Stay Fresh and Relevant With Our Basic Monthly Maintenance Package

WordPress Managed Care: Monthly Maintenance Package

Having a website is not a set-it-and-forget-it business. It requires constant monitoring, updating and fine-tuning of various technical aspects and design. Maintained websites perform better, convert faster and bring in more sales. At NSDS, we routinely perform basic monthly maintenance to improve performance and security for dozens of clients. But what are the important parts of basic monthly maintenance and it’s benefits? This article will discuss it all in detail.

Why Do You Need Monthly Site Maintenance Anyway? 

To answer this question, let us share a poignant (though apocryphal) tale of a company’s CEO. Looking at their monthly expenses, he called his website agency: 

“Listen, I know you are doing a great job. But I am wondering when I can stop spending on the monthly website maintenance package of our website.

Whenever you don’t want new clients, sir” the agency quietly replied. 

This small, snappy, imaginary conversation holds a very deep lesson for all business owners. Your company’s website is not a hobby or a disposable printed ad. It is a permanent point of contact between your business and your prospective clients… The quality of that interaction can make or break your image as a business and A slow-performing website can devalue your product or service. So the next time you wonder, “When can I stop spending on website maintenance?,” remember the answer, “whenever you don’t want new clients, sir.”

Let us share some statistics to prove this point: 

  1. 75% of website credibility comes from design. 
  2. Poor user experience drives away around 89% of consumers. 
  3. Poor website loading speed leads to a $2.6 billion loss of revenue every year. 
  4. On the other hand, a better user experience resulting from regular website maintenance can result in 400% higher conversion rates. 

Website maintenance can lead to improved conversions, a better image of your business and more revenue. Your investment in website maintenance can save you money by avoiding costly mistakes.

What Is Included In Our WP Managed Care Monthly Maintenance Package?

1. The theme, Plugin and WP Core Updates

Whenever a new WordPress website is activated, minor versions of core updates are set to automatically update for you. However, major versions of WordPress core updates, plugins and themes are not updated automatically. During our WordPress website maintenance, we check for updates to WordPress core, themes and plugins, and software updates every month to ensure that your website is updated and better secured. 

Sometimes, an update is incompatible with one of the plugins which can effect functions on the website and its security. We manage compatibility issues so that each of the installed updates adds to the functionality of your website instead of breaking it. 

Our web maintenance also involves checking for inactive, unused, and poorly coded plugins that may be incompatible with your core tech stack. We’ll manage related clean-up and offer suggestions as needed.

2. Advanced Security (Firewall and Malware Scan)

Our website maintenance plan includes thoroughly scanning every file and folder on your website for malware, trojans, and viruses. This way we could remove malware and viruses. We also monitor new, changed and suspicious files. 

At NSDS, we routinely perform ongoing Firewall maintenance and management, including the updating and patching of software and the logging of changes to policies or rules. This includes monitoring rules and configurations, analyzing logs and alerts, and monitoring compliance. 

3. Site Protection by Solid Security Pro (formerly iThemes Security)

A lot of activity is happening on your website every day. Many of these are related to your website security and play a vital role to keep your site secure. Our web maintenance service includes installing an agency license for Solid Security Pro (formerly iThemes Security), a premium security plugin that takes the guesswork out of WordPress security.

Some of the benefits of the Solid Security Pro (formerly iThemes Security) plugin are: 

  • It stops automated attacks 
  • Monitors suspicious activity 
  • Strengthens user credentials 
  • Scans for vulnerable themes and plugins to apply updates 
  • Blocks bad bots and reduces spam

4. Backups and Restoration of Backups

If something goes wrong with technology, your website can become slightly broken, or irreparably broken. Having a backup can help in restoring the previous version of your site. 

Creating backups is a process of storing copies of data that can protect against data loss. Recovery from a backup involves restoring the data to the original location, or to an alternate location where it can be used in place of the lost or damaged data. 

At NSDS, our website maintenance service involves creating reliable backups, and fast recovery, if required, to ensure the continuity and resilience of your business.  

5. Monthly Updates

Our Basic Monthly Maintenance includes 30 minutes per month for fixes and bugs related to plugin updates which is often enough to handle what comes up plus an additional 30 minutes for small content edits you may need helping to keep your site fresh and relevant for prospects.Our monthly updates enhance user satisfaction, improve SEO and boost user experience. 

Benefits of Basic Monthly Maintenance

1. Your Website Stays Protected

WordPress has always been a target for hackers, viruses, and other threats in Cyberspace. According to recent research, 4.1 million websites have been infected with malware worldwide. This malware might result in making your website unsafe and vulnerable, letting hackers take control of your site, defacing your site, or damaging your company’s brand or reputation.   

These threats can be countered by regular maintenance and loading website updates for your website. Our monthly maintenance ensures that your site is protected, and updated to keep your valuable information safe.

2. Updated And Relevant Website

Content Management Systems are frequently rolling out new updates. Your WordPress website needs to be regularly updated to ensure optimum security, performance and improved search engine optimization. Some of the updates and maintenance tasks require the knowledge and experience of an expert.

A secure and updated website helps you win the trust of your clients. If you are not keeping your website updated, 89% of consumers will do business with one of your competitors. Partner with an expert web designer to stay relevant, and fresh and win more sales. 

3. Improved User Experience

Your WordPress website is like soup. Besides core elements like broth, you add many other ingredients for the  perfect blend.  

Similarly, an experienced website maintenance agency can choose the right technical elements and plugins to create a perfect website. A website created by experts results in an improved user experience, wins the trust of your clients, and helps your site do what you expect, i.e bring more sales.   

4. Your Website Is Customized According To Your Business Needs

WordPress websites are often customized by developers to meet the needs of a business. While it is easy to update basic content such as blog posts, events, press releases etc. You need the assistance of an expert designer to change something behind the scenes such as modifying input fields or something that involves source code. 

This is where a WordPress maintenance plan comes in handy. An expert developer can help you meet the changing needs of your business and consistently improve your online presence. 

5. Avoid Losing Your Data

A backup ensures that everything on your site can come back to normal in case of problems or crashes. Some of the cases in which you can lose your data are the following: 

  • A virus can slowly destroy your important content. 
  • Incorrect updates can result in the malfunction of your website. 
  • Your site can break as a result of cyber attacks. 
  • Your PC can crash. 
  • You can make a change on your website that you don’t like. You might wish to undo the changes. 

During our basic monthly maintenance, we ensure that all the content on your website has a backup. This ensures that you have complete control over your site’s content. 

Why Choose Us For Monthly Website Maintenance?

We are the best WordPress maintenance service in the town. Our experts are always there to help you in any challenging situations.  

1. Experience and Expertise

We have helped many businesses maintain a successful online presence. Our knowledge and expertise help businesses attract better clients, and more of them!

2. Customized Solutions

We understand that no two websites are alike. Your website is as unique as your business is. We first take time to understand your goals and objectives to help improve your client’s customer journey to improve close rates.

3. Dedicated Team

Our team stands out because of our commitment to providing nothing but the best. We never compromise on quality and keep ourselves equipped with the latest techniques and technologies. We consider your site as our own and ensure that your site remains fresh, and performs well. 

WordPress Managed Care: Monthly Maintenance Package

Your website needs continuous monitoring and maintenance like the plumbing of your house. When you partner with the right web design agency like NSDS you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered. Some of the benefits of monthly website maintenance are the reducing the risk of hacking, loss of uptime, improved security, better user experience and an increase in traffic.  

Our Managed Care – Basic Maintenance plans start at just $129/month. Wondering if our WP Managed Care Maintenance Package (Basic Maintenance) is right for you? Schedule a free consultation here to find out!

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