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Hey there! Welcome to North Star Design Studio, where we blend art, tech, and a sprinkle of Milford charm to craft stunning, high-performance websites. Our team, a dynamic crew of web wizards, thrives on turning your big ideas into digital reality. Rooted deeply in detailed keyword research and competitor analysis, we’re not just designers; we’re your strategic partners in attracting top-tier clients. Each of us brings a unique set of skills to the table, united by a common goal: to elevate your online presence. Meet the dream team that makes it all happen!

Our Team - North Star Design Studio

Noteworthy Speaking Engagements

Embark on a journey of knowledge and innovation as the North Star Team shares insights and expertise at these local events.

Course Description: Struggling to manage your business while also marketing it?  In this course, you will learn how to apply the key aspects of marketing known as the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion), ensuring a holistic approach to your marketing planning & strategy development. By examining these elements upfront, you gain a deep understanding of your product/service, target market, competitive landscape, and promotional opportunities to lay out a plan for the next quarter or upcoming year.


Join us on April 23rd at 12 pm for an inspiring webinar sponsored by the Women’s Business Development Council: “ElevateHER Branding – Strategies for Women on the Rise.” This installment of the “Marketing Made Simple” series is tailored for startup female entrepreneurs ready to embark on a branding journey. Explore key facets of brand development, from defining your unique identity to seamless implementation and the art of evolving your brand while scaling. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights and strategies that will propel your brand to new heights! Save your spot and let’s elevate HER branding together!

This event is Free.

Register Here

Join me for my semi-annual Networking Presentation at Elm City BNI (SCSU) where I’ll share the unique story and offerings of North Star Design Studio. The room will be packed with 50+ local business owners eager to network and grow their business.

This is a Free Event.

Email me to RSVP:

Wondering if your website is doing its job? Join me, Tara Dawn Meeker, for insights sponsored by the Downtown Milford Business Association. Let’s dive into maximizing your website’s potential together. See you there – it’s time to level up your online presence and attract those dream clients!

This event is Free.

WHERE: Milford Public Library

Register for this event here (it’s Free)

Sponsored by: Total Mortgage, 185 Plains Rd 3rd Floor, Milford, CT 06461, USA

Tara Meker Web Developer Milford CT Headshot
Tara Dawn Meeker
Owner, Creative Director

Experience: 20+ Years

Associations: WBDC Instructor, SCORE® Mentor, BNI® Leadership Team, Network of Executive Women, Greater Milford Chamber of Commerce, New England Non Profit Consultant, WBDC Directory

Reenu Zwolinski
Reenu Zwolinski
Communications Director

Experience: 10+ Years

Proud Supporter of Center for Children’s Advocacy

Zeel Sarvaiya
Zeel Sarvaiya
Development Team Lead
Experience: 15+ Years
Sana Choudhry
Sana Choudhry
SEO Guru

Experience: 20+ years

Associations: Enablers,  Internet Marketing Gold,  SEOPros, Pakistan US Alumni Network Supporter, Imran Khan Cancer Appeal Advocate

Guest Appearances on Industry Blogs

Websites are essential Boost Business for boosting your business’s online presence. They help your target audience understand your business values and offerings. Facilitating your customers’ access to information related to your service offerings drives better customer engagement and conversation.

To create a long-lasting impression, you need a professional-looking and fully functional website that acts as a storefront of your organization.  


Multiple technology platforms are available to build a website: more options, more confusion.

Am I right?

Let me help you to find a way out of this confusion.

A well-designed website is critical for a robust online presence for businesses of all sizes. When it comes to website design, WordPress stands out as a top choice for many companies.

Whether a small startup or an established enterprise, a website offers numerous benefits, making it the best platform for building a dynamic website that meets your specific business needs.

WordPress is a user-friendly website development platform that helps brands create a powerful and professional online presence. It is cost-effective, scalable, and offers extensive customization options.


Consideration of technical SEO is essential to increasing your visibility on leading search engines. A website with proper SEO facilitates users’ intuitive navigation so they can easily find the page they are looking for.


Many website owners do not have a profound understanding of SEO, so they end up partnering with a digital agency that costs them high but delivers poor performance. Too often underperformance of SEO activities is less about the activities themselves and more a failure to properly set expectations. SEO takes time, it’s not like paid advertising, where a switch is just flipped on and off. SEO builds upon itself… it’s the difference between making instant rice vs risotto.

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Companies need to consider many aspects while making strenuous efforts to establish themselves as brands. Many tangible, non-tangible, offline, or digital elements contribute to the journey of becoming a brand.

In this post, I will discuss one of the most crucial digital aspects that help you stand out from your industry crowd.

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SEO is not magic. It’s the art and science of making web pages appealing to search engines by using the right keywords and performing varied activities. 

The better optimized a webpage is, the higher its ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs) will be. This practice involves various techniques, including optimizing the website content and structure to enhance visibility and drive traffic to your site.

To understand SEO with better insights, I would like to provide you with extensive details regarding the different aspects related to the term. 

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A logo is not just an object, picture, or image. It’s the keystone of your visual brand assets representing your business and leaving a long-lasting impression on your target audience. Read More on

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In the digital landscape, the effectiveness of your on-page SEO is a pivotal factor in your website’s ranking ability. Understanding and correctly implementing on-page ranking factors can significantly boost your site’s visibility in search engine results. Discover the essentials of on-page SEO with our comprehensive guide, covering content quality, title tags, URLs, and more for better rankings. Read more at PearlTrees

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