Branded Logo Design Services

Elevate your business with Branded Logo Design, Style Guides and Essential Branding Materials to maximize Conversions.

Custom Logo Design: Communicate Value with Branding

The goal of branding is to convey your value to customers and separate yourself (in a meaningful way) from your competitors. And, lets be clear, your logo is not your brand… a brand is the place a business/service holds in the hearts and minds of customers (the market). It can also be 'quantified' as whatever people say about it when they (or you) you leave the room. How customers feel after benefiting or having success with your service, product or business; THAT is your 'brand'.

Now, where does logo and graphic design fall in the mix? Keystone elements like your logo, symbols, iconography, standardized typography and color palettes set the tone; it tells prospective customers what can be expected when they trade their money for your service. Your branded graphics should capture the attention (and heart) of potential customers by communicating the promise of an exceptional and transformative experience.  

Great, custom logo design can establish your brand identity visually and communicate your core values in an interesting way. Being the foundation of your branding scheme, your logo sets the stage for your story. Core design elements (colors, accents and fonts) translate into other branding materials, creating a visual brand identity that is memorable and meaningful.  

North Star Design Studio also helps ensure brand consistency be developing comprehensive style guides that are easy for your team to understand and offering collateral audits for existing materials. Partner with us to make the right branding strategy and create a design process through style guides, advertising, and other printed materials.

Branded Style Guides

Create a Meticulous Style Guide for Uniform Branding

Enhance the impact of your branding with a custom style guide to help vendors and team members consistently represent your business across various media in a consistent way. Work with our team to create best practice templates, type and usage rules and establish review processes that gives you control over your visual brand identity. Keep the whole team in the loop and on-brand with detailed digital guidelines that cover:

Brand Color Guidelines

Define your brand's color palette derived from the color wheel, with one primary brand color and some secondary shades. Depending on the nature of your business, we might recommend using a specific color connotation and color scheme to add vitality to your brand representation. 

Typography Details

Decide on typography details like fonts or types of fonts to be used, their sizes, height or spacing. The branding guide may also define which types of display fonts, script fonts or calligraphic fonts should be used (or not used) as well as acceptable substitutions.

Brand Voice

Partner with us to find the style that resonates with your audience and reflects your brand identity. Define Mission, Affiliate and Partner statements as well as 'if this/then that' scenarios for commonly used brand statements. Have guidlines from third-arty affilaites that need to be adhered too? We can incorporate those too!

Image and Data Visualization

Your brand should reflect in the imagery you choose. Our style guide provides guidelines on choosing appropriate photos, illustrations, charts, and infographics. 

Time is now

Experience Branded Design done the right way

Graphic Design: Branded Essentials

Improve your brand recognition through essential branding materials like online profile graphics, handbooks, promotional items, packaging and more

Graphics can make or break a brand… if products aren't 'on brand' then they might be a waste of money and hurting your brand by confusing potential customers. North Star's team of experienced graphic designers have the design skills needed to enhance your brand profitability by keeping your messaging relevant and enticing to new and current clients.

More than just 'pretty' pictures, great graphic design will enhance your brand's appeal by ensuring your message and services are delivered in a consistent and appealing way while keeping an eye 'toward the future' to present new trends and provide heads-up when industry shifts can be leveraged in your favor.


Check what our clients say:

"You came in at a critical point—we had to do a serious pivot to scale down our client touch-points but still maximize ROI with our messaging and you helped us succeed!!! Beyond design, you bring that higher level thinking to our brand and projects… You take care of our brand."

Diane Siroky

"I knew from our first conversation that Tara would be the perfect fit to work with. North Star is extremely responsive, reliable, creative and always willing to go the extra mile. I cannot say enough about how much I value their experience and expertise. She's my go-to."

Kim Barron

"The thing I liked best about working with North Star was the fact that they took the time to get to know me and to truly understand my project so they could offer the best advice based on their experiences."

Mike Mackniak

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