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Updated: Nov 21, 2020

“I love your logo, there’s nothing I would change, period.” This is what I said to a business owner recently and it’s not what they expected to hear from a major design studio that gets paid to design branded logos. They expected a hard sell for a new one. The business owner (referred to me by a past client) was super stressed because their “golf buddy” didn’t like their logo.

  • First, their golf buddy is NOT in their target audience
  • Second, their golf buddy couldn’t afford their services anyway
  • Third, their golf buddy is not a business owner, marketing professional or in ‘creative’
  • Last and finally, I am all of those things and I LOVE their logo and I didn’t even design it (wink wink).

So why are they getting so upset about this negative feedback from someone who, arguably, doesn’t really matter in this scenario?

Because that’s what we do, we are emotional animals and for the most part don’t handle critiques (criticism?) well,

Especially about our (ugly) babies (I mean business’ lol).

We’re emotionally attached to our (every)things.

And that’s OK, our business’ are often rooted in our passion and we should be passionate about everything we do.

BUT we need to acknowledge that elephant and bring in professionals who can look at the facts objectively and set us on the right path toward meeting our goals.

The business owner in this scenario was lucky (imo) that they were referred to a reputable designer with 20+ years experience who isn’t interested in ‘change for the sake of change’ or ‘upselling to make a buck’.

ADVICE FOR BUSINESS OWNERS: Ignore negative feedback from people who aren’t clients, customers or stakeholders in your business and, when necessary, ask a professional their opinion, heck, ask three professionals their opinion and trust your gut on what resonates with you.

If you’re interested in my opinion, you know where to find me.

(If ya don’t, I’m here, lol:

PS: A little extra advice for business owners, if you’re still rocking that email for your business, we’ve written this article just for you: 3 Reasons to use a professional email address and how to create one.

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