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Did you know that 94% of people create the first impression of their business through their website and a poor website user experience translates to lost sales and lost revenue? A website is much more than a digital business card. It is the face of your business. Without regular maintenance, it can look and work like an unoiled, unserviced, and unwashed car. 

At NSDS, we believe that a properly designed and maintained website is a valuable tool to represent your business. Our Essential WordPress Optimization Plan ensures that your website gets the Technical SEO Maintenance it needs to do what it is supposed to do. In this article, we will discuss the importance of our Essential WordPress Optimization Plan and what we offer to help you with website performance.

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What Is The Essential WordPress Optimization Plan? 

This plan is designed to provide the most essential components of a fast, secure, and up-to-date website. One of the most important goals of this WordPress speed optimization service is to make sure that your site loads faster, performs effectively and ranks higher. We help ensure that your website provides an excellent user experience to sell more products, drive more conversions and reach new customers. 

Let us explain how we do it with an analogy. Imagine cleaning your kitchen pantry every month. You throw away old spices, put beans, and rice neatly in big jars at the back of the cupboard, dump stale cereals in a trash bag and box up spare food in a bag to send to charity. 

Here’s what an optimization report of your kitchen pantry looks like after clean-up:

Number of lentil jars: 2 – 1 jar emptied and reused 
Rice bags: 2 – 1 bag given to charity 
Spice jars: 5 – 3 jars discarded because of bug infestation 
Cookie jars: 2 – 1 jar discarded because the items were stale. 

This is what an optimization report of an essential optimization plan for your WordPress website looks like: 

Page speed: 89%- 40% improved 
GT Metrix Performance: 97%- 70% improved 
Core web vitals: 90%- 40% improved 

In spirit, the Essential Optimization Plan is very much like regular maintenance of your pantry or closet. We do not throw away everything or build a new pantry. Instead, we neatly organize what you have, consolidate where possible, and discard the items you don’t want to use or no longer need. Similarly, we organize the systems of your WordPress site for improving your website performance and speed.

Outcomes of WordPress Optimization Services

Why Choose Us For Essential Optimization? 

  1. Experience: Our clients come from all over the US. Beyond just beautiful web design, we can speed up your website regardless of your location. 
  2. Vigilance: We routinely scan your website for vulnerabilities, fix bugs and errors, improve security and optimize it for better user experience. 
  3. Expertise: We have the expertise and experience your website demands. 
  4. Strategy: Our team of experienced designers will thoroughly analyze your industry, competitors and your brand specifics to develop a web design strategy that meets the needs of your target audience and helps you drive more conversions.
  5. Perspective: We think outside the box and review your website through the customer lens to improve the overall customer experience.

Outcomes of Essential Optimization Plan:

  1. Improved website speed verified through Google PageSpeed Insight
  2. Improved WordPress security
  3. Faster load time of your website
  4. Technical Search engine optimization

How Do We Do It?

The whole plan can be broken down into two main steps: 

1. Website Audit

An audit gives us an insight into what is happening with your website and how you can improve its performance. We identify the page speed using Google’s tools as well as other third-party tools. We also identify the factors that are affecting your website. 

2. Optimization

While optimizing, we tidy up your spam, post revisions, and rid your database of needless data, unwanted pingback, and trackbacks. A web page revised 15 times will take up more room than the actual page that you published. 

We also reduce the size of your images so that they don’t take up a lot of space. Just like a large-sized raw pumpkin takes more room in your fridge than a nicely peeled, scooped out, and cling-wrapped pumpkin, an optimized image makes your website more effective.

WordPress Optimization Services

What Do We Offer In “Optimization”?

1. Gzip Compression

It is an important part of our website speed optimization service. Gzip is a data compression algorithm that allows the compression and decompression of files fast. In other words, Gzip can compress any file type, from plain text to images. Our WordPress experts perform Gzip compression for WordPress page speed optimization. This way, your page loading time increases. 

2. Image Optimization

Image optimization means achieving a balance between a fast-loading web page and engaging images. It refers to reducing the file size of your images. We will optimize images without compromising quality. This way, your page load times remain low and your web page ranks higher in search engines. 

Some of our clients are not using any image compression plugin at all. In such cases, we will install the agency version a top notch plugin called EWWW Image Optimizer Premium. This will make it easier for you to optimize all the images on your website. 

3. Database Cleanup

Database optimization and cleanup is an important aspects of WordPress maintenance. It ensures that your website maintains integrity, reduces errors, keeps low storage space, and delivers a fast and efficient experience. It involves deleting old post revisions and other bits of useless data in WordPress. We manually go through the entire database and remove junk like remaining plugin tables and transient life that old plugins leave behind. 

4. Minify CSS and JS

Minifying CSS and JS involve removing unnecessary characters from within a file to reduce its size and make it load faster. File minification removes whitespace characters, comments, line breaks, and block delimiters. It results in performance optimization, lesser load times, and brand-width consumption on your site. We first analyze which Java Script delivery or CSS can be minimized while keeping intact all the functions of your site. After that, we compress the chosen files. 

5. Remove Unused Plugin And Themes

Security is the main reason you should remove old themes and plugins. These old themes and plugins are sometimes not properly updated and might make your website vulnerable to malicious attacks. Besides ensuring security, removing unused plugins reduce complexity and confusion, reduces the size of your backups, and improves performance. 

6. Disable XML-RPC 

You might be wondering why it is important to disable XML- RPC. It is because an XML – RPC makes your website vulnerable to hacker attacks, like DDoS and brute force attacks. The PHP file also uses a lot of server resources and makes your website very slow. 

7. CDN Configuration

CDNs are responsible for offloading traffic from your servers. This way, it reduces the overall load. Our essential optimization plan does not provide CDN service but we can help you configure it properly from your existing providers such as Cloudflare and Sucuri. 

Not all the websites need CDN feature. After looking at your website and your business goals, we will recommend whether you need CDN feature on your website or not.

Besides site speed optimization, we also offer 2 hours of development work time. This time is primarily used for addressing tasks related to needed optimization.

Benefits Of Essential Optimization Plan

1. Improved User Experience

Imagine the last time you were on a website that took more than 2 seconds to load. If you are like 90% of internet users, you would have left that website. Unoptimized website results in a poor user experience and high bounce rates. On the other hand, a speedy site allows your users to browse through blazing-fast pages. 

2. Improved Search Engine Rankings

An optimized website results in higher search engine rankings. It is a well-known fact that the top positions on search engine result pages get the majority of clicks and impressions. This means that you get more traffic.

3. Increased Conversions

A website’s conversion rate refers to the percentage of users who take the desired action. An optimized website can greatly impact conversion rates. Imagine buying a stroller in an e-commerce store. If the web page is loading slowly, very few people will click the “Buy Now” button. 

Similarly, the purpose of a web page could be to fill up a contact form. If the page is loading slowly, very few (in fact none) would submit their contact information on that page. 

According to a study, the web pages that load faster (around 2.4 seconds) have a 1.9% conversion rate. When a web page loads slowly, in around 3.3 seconds, the conversion rate drops down to 1.5%. This means that page speed and improved optimization can win the trust of the audience and improve conversions.

4. Reduced Bounce Rate 

 An optimized website encourages users to stay on your site longer and is more prone to coming back regularly. When people visit your website frequently, it leads to more sales, increased brand awareness, and loyalty. On the other hand, a higher bounce rate means a loss of opportunity. It shows that your visitors took a digital journey and they left without an interaction. Optimizing your website can enable you to make use of that opportunity and get more conversions. 

Can You DIY Website Optimization? 

If you do not have lots of technical knowledge, time, or expertise, DIY technical SEO maintenance is a bad idea. It can lose all your ranking or make you vulnerable to threats by hackers. The following are some of the reasons why you need an expert web designer for essential optimization.

1. It Is Time Consuming Process

It takes a lot of time to see the results of your optimization efforts. Planning and optimizing your website is time-consuming. If you outsource it, you can have more time to focus on your business. 

2. It Requires Technical Knowledge And Skills 

Website optimization can be technical and require expertise. If you do not have an expert web developer on your team, I suggest that you hire one who is experienced in optimization. 

3. You Might Compromise Your Website Security 

If your website is not properly optimized, it can make you vulnerable to the attacks of hackers. WordPress is frequently targeted by hackers and viruses. Several incidents are reported every day which show how hackers exploit bugs in certain plugins and extract database credentials. Sometimes, they go unnoticed for days and completely damage a website. An expert web designer can ensure the security of your website and protect your website from such attacks. 

4. You Can Lose All Your Data 

If your website is not properly backed- up, you can lose all your data. An expert web designer can ensure that your website data is properly secured and backed up. Even if your site is compromised, your web designer can easily retrieve your data and bring your website back online in no time. 


When you collaborate with North Star Design Studio, you gain a partner that can help boost your online presence and improve the performance of your business website. 

Our site audit will give clarity to factors affecting your website performance and during optimization, we will address all those issues.

Our Optimization Package start at just $229/month. Wondering if this service is right for you? Schedule a free consultation to find out here.

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