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The North Star Journey: Chapter 2

The North Star Journey: Chapter 2

Great website design creates a business tool, not an expense. 

Often, clients will come to us wanting an “update” to their website design, but they don’t really know what that means in terms of project scope. 

Right before the pandemic hit, a Connecticut-based non-profit dedicated to supporting parents came to us looking for an “update”. 

As a non-profit, everything must be accounted for and their website costs were no different. 

At that time, they’d been struggling to fill their support groups and were losing volunteers due to poor turn-out. They were unable to fulfill their mission because of a lack of usability on the site. 

They were also completely lost as to how their website would (could) help them. For the team at North Star, supporting our clients during and after a project is key. 

Website Design Success

A website launch is not a success if our clients don’t have a clear pathway to maintaining the site or the behind-the-scenes pieces that support its functionality. 

This is why collaboration is such a key component in our work

Every project starts with a discovery conversation where we brainstorm possible goals and determine what ‘gaps’ in the client’s team (or business) need to be filled or supported by the final product. 

For Hope After Loss, they wanted to fill their support groups, make it easy for people to find resources about the sessions, automate event registration so volunteers and staff could use their time on other efforts and much more. 

Their website was STOPPING people from using their invaluable family support services. With the right approach, we turned their site into a resource and helped the business side run better

At the end of the project, we had helped increase fundraising by 600% and began filling support sessions to capacity, even while being forced to move to online meetings. 

Get all the details of how their website update made it all happen. Your website is more than a simple “storefront”. It needs to do more than look nice and get you found online. 

With the right components in place, your website can become a tool to make your business run smoothly. 

In the next installment of “The North Star Journey”, discover how climbing the agency ladder helps me create the best solutions possible for companies and non-profits like Hope After Loss. 


Tara D. Meeker
Owner, North Star Design Studio

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