WordPress Website Design and Development

Take your business in the right direction with website design services that turn your website into a tool that works as hard as you do.

Hey Form, Say Hello to Function.

In today's digital world, it is crucial to be where your customers need you when they need you. North Star designs branded ‘digital front doors' that are easy to maintain, communicate a brand's value clearly, and enhance a business's ability to deliver amazing service to their clients.

It's a given that professional website design has to look good and be ready to plug into marketing initiatives but what is often overlooked is their potential to be the best hire a business ever makes. Your website never sleeps, never gets sick and never goes on vacation. It doesn't engage in water-cooler gossip and isn't going to get an attitude when you inevitably forget it's birthday (afterall, you're busy running a business). A great website will do it's job flawlessly and make you look good even when you're having a noticeably bad hair day.

Where other design companies often fall short is in evaluating the effects of the website's design on a business as a whole. North Star is more than 'just' a design agency. We look at every project through a 'systems lens' to find opportunities to improve your ability to deliver a better experience to more clients every day. Whatever services can be delivered to a client (or a prospect) automatically or at their discretion should be… and clients will thank you for it by paying more for your services, leaving amazing reviews and referring new clients.

WordPress Website Design and Development

Robust WordPress Development Solutions According to Your Business’ Needs

We turn your ideas into reality by delivering scalable and efficient WordPress development services which turn your visitors into customers. Each of our websites is a unique development project and designed with your customer and team in mind. 

With years of experience, our team of designers knows how to create responsive web designs that clients (and google) will love.

During our discovery and design process, design clients work with a dedicated project manager to explore all the possibilities available to them when leveraging these core service offerings for their business:

Search Engine Optimization Services
Strategy and Planning
OS and Platform Optimization
Competitor and Keyword Analysis
Application and Third-party Integrations
Site Maintenance and Updates
Subscription and Credential Monitoring

We operate differently

Our process is different because our results are different and we're ready to help you show people what makes you different.


Technical Search Engine Optimization Services

Unlock the Potential of your Website through Technical Search Engine Optimization Services

Establish an effective online presence by improving website performance and boosting user experience. Our design experts can make small, site wide technical changes to maximize the effectiveness of your website.

Leverage our experience to create attractive and search engine friendly (yeah, that means google) websites for getting more conversion opportunities and better market share.

Social Media Marketing Integrations
Competitor Analysis Back-link Analysis
Content Management

Mobile Optimization

Create a Strong Digital Footprint through a Responsive, Mobile friendly web design

Is your website responsive and optimized and ready to be viewed on mobile (or any device other than a desktop)? If you answered 'no', not only are you missing a great opportunity to provide a superior customer experience, you might actually be turning customers off by creating a 'bad' experience.

Creating a responsive website design that is mobile friendly website should be in the top 5 'must have' features of any new website. Benefits include:

Easy to Navigate
Responsive Design that Loads Faster
Improve Conversions
Reduced Bounce Rates

Maintenance and Updates

Improve the performance and keep content and services up to date

Are you struggling to keep your website up to date and functional? Capitalize on our experience for hassle free website maintenance. We offer customized services of various price plans to suit your needs.

Your website is one of your most important assets. Maintaining it's functionality and keeping your content and service offers up to date is a no brainer, let us help guide you to the right solution.

Care Plan: WP Managed Care Basic Monthly Maintenance Plan
Optimize Package: Page Load Speed & Core Web Vital Optimization Plan
Growth Package: WordPress SEO Optimization Maintenance Plan


How much does a website cost? Can I get a website for free?

The short answer is no.

You might be able to get away with a free template, but you'll still need to pay for hosting, domain registration, email services and probably a slew of other plugins or add-ons. This is true whether you hire a professional developer or DIY.

The DIY option is often the cheapest way to go and totally makes sense for start-ups that might not have the capital to invest however there are inherent risks in that method. In addition, with free templates, you will be limited in your design options, functionality and integrations. 

Professional design services range in cost depending on the project specifics and the specialty/experience of the development agency itself.

For instance, North Star primarily services established service-based businesses with proven high ticket offers. Our sites typically include Keyword Research married against Competitor Analysis and Backlinking Data which allows us to create a comprehensive site strategy and SEO-optimized content. This strategy helps our clients make educated decisions about their systems, processes and other related service providers.

An agency offering $500 websites is not going to be working at that level.

How often should I update my website?

Essential website content should be reviewed once a month while on-page SEO metrics should be reviewed every 6 to 9 months by a web developer.  

Businesses should do minor style updates after every 3-6 months but they should do straight redesign after every 2 to 3 years. 

How long does a custom website design take?

It depends on the unique requirements of each customer, but generally, it takes around 8-12 weeks from when the proposal is accepted to enter the Go Live Phase of any given website launch.

The length of time depends on a few different factors:

  •  The complexity of your site's design, functionality and customization.
  • The number of pages and subpages on your site as it relates to the amount of new content that needs to be collected or generated.
  • Responsiveness of key stakeholders on the client’s side to provide content, feedback, approvals, and needed access to accounts and/or third-party platforms.

Who needs a professionally designed website?

Every business big or small needs a professionally designed website. From the mom who sells cupcakes from her garage to the Fortune 500 company, everyone benefits from a professional website.

The world has changed and we live in a digital age, where people are constantly on their phones. If you’re not online and don’t have a professionally designed website, it’s like you don’t exist!

If you want to grow your business, you need to be online, but you can’t just start throwing up a website and expect it to magically work for your business-it won’t! A professional web designer will create a website that reflects the image of your company, conveys the right message to the target audience, and converts visitors into customers.

Why is a website important?

A website is how you reach out to people who are interested in what you offer, and it allows you to give them a glimpse into the world that you created for them. Your website is a place where people can learn more about what makes you better than the competition, and it's where they can go if they have questions or concerns.

Your professional website establishes your brand identity, and gives your customers an idea of what your business is all about without meeting anyone face-to-face. This allows them to make an informed decision about whether or not they want to do business with you without any pressure from salespeople or a storefront environment.

If someone is looking for something specific, then they will probably search online first before going anywhere else.f they don't find what they're looking for on your website, then there's a good chance they won't come back again later!

What is most important for a successful web design?

Some of the most important elements of a successful website design are easy navigation, a great visual design, optimized content and mobile responsiveness.  

  • Easy navigation is important because it is an important part of a UX design. It allows users to easily find what they're looking for on your site. The more time it takes for them to find what they're looking for, the more likely they'll move on and leave your site.
  • A great visual design can make or break a website. This doesn't just mean good graphics-it also means that website visitors will be able to read your text without difficulty and spot any important links or buttons quickly and easily.
  • Optimized content means making sure that all of your pages are easy to read and understand (and easy to use). This includes making sure that your content is relevant and provides value to your potential customer
  • Mobile responsiveness refers to whether or not your site looks good on mobile devices as well as desktops/laptops; this is especially important if you expect many people will be visiting your site via their phones or tablets rather than desktop computers during certain parts of day or night when there may be more traffic from mobile devices than from desktops/laptops due to location-based differences in population density.

Why Hire a website designer? Can I DIY?

If you’re an established, service-based business with a proven offer and a defined market, it’s best that you hire a professional web design service

First, a professional website developer like North Star has a better understanding of digital marketing than you do… you’re the expert in your profession, and we’re the experts in ours. We know what kind of website design and digital marketing strategy will appeal to different markets and can help you stand out from the competition. We also have access to SEO tools and resources that can make your site stand out to search engines.

Second, hiring a professional means saving time and energy… you don't have to vet or learn how to use those tools and resources yourself; we already know! 

And third, when you hire a professional, you'll get better results… we know what works, what doesn't and how to look at a business and website holistically to create a web strategy that works as hard as you do for your business.

How to choose a website design company?

Choosing a website design company can be a daunting task. There are so many options, and with so many website design services claiming to be the best, it's hard to know where to start.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right web designer for you:

  • Consider your requirements: Make sure you know what you want your unique website to do (functions) before you start looking at designers. Do you need booking features? Payment options? Are you trying to deliver course content? Do you need a membership portal? Do you need an eCommerce website? Also, consider your current technology set-up (both on and offline) and how it needs to be integrated with a new website. You’ll want to work with a developer who understands how to create systems that work together to support your business structure.
  • Decide on your budget: Deciding on a web development budget can be very tricky. Business owners are often caught between the proverbial rock/hard place: What they need vs what they can afford. Our general recommendation is to consider the potential ROI of a new website design project and work backwards from there. For a Business Coach or trades professional who might expect to earn $2K+ per new client, a 5-10K budget might be reasonable. Whereas businesses with lower ticket offers are likely to have a smaller budget.  
  • Look at portfolios: Look at the portfolios of different web developers before selecting a provider. You’ll get a feel for their aesthetic as well as a good sense as to whether or not they’re likely to understand your business as well as its needs and requirements.
  • Read online reviews and testimonials: Check out reviews from other customers who have worked with these companies before - this can give you an idea as to the quality of the service they provide. You can even ask for references during your interview/discovery process. A good agency will be able to connect you with at least a couple of previous client contacts direct.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is about creating web pages that can automatically adjust according to different screen sizes. It's a way of creating a beautiful web page design that is optimized for all screen sizes and resolutions, so you don't have to worry about whether or not your website will look good on someone else's computer or phone. A non-responsive web design can harm your rankings and make you lose your potential customers. Read more about it in this blog post.

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