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Take your business in the right direction with website design services that turn your website into a tool that works as hard as you do.

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Hey Form, Say Hello to Function.

In today's digital world, it is crucial to be where your customers need you when they need you. North Star designs branded ‘digital front doors' that are easy to maintain, communicate a brand's value clearly, and enhance a business's ability to deliver amazing service to their clients.

It's a given that professional website design has to look good and be ready to plug into marketing initiatives but what is often overlooked is their potential to be the best hire a business ever makes. Your website never sleeps, never gets sick and never goes on vacation. It doesn't engage in water-cooler gossip and isn't going to get an attitude when you inevitably forget it's birthday (afterall, you're busy running a business). A great website will do it's job flawlessly and make you look good even when you're having a noticeably bad hair day.

Where other design companies often fall short is in evaluating the effects of the website's design on a business as a whole. North Star is more than 'just' a design agency. We look at every project through a 'systems lens' to find opportunities to improve your ability to deliver a better experience to more clients every day. Whatever services can be delivered to a client (or a prospect) automatically or at their discretion should be… and clients will thank you for it by paying more for your services, leaving amazing reviews and referring new clients.

WordPress Website Design and Development

Robust WordPress Development Solutions According to Your Business’ Needs

We turn your ideas into reality by delivering scalable and efficient WordPress development services which turn your visitors into customers. Each of our websites is a unique development project and designed with your customer and team in mind. 

With years of experience, our team of designers knows how to create responsive web designs that clients (and google) will love.

During our discovery and design process, design clients work with a dedicated project manager to explore all the possibilities available to them when leveraging these core service offerings for their business:

Search Engine Optimization Services
Strategy and Planning
OS and Platform Optimization
Competitor and Keyword Analysis
Application and Third-party Integrations
Site Maintenance and Updates
Subscription and Credential Monitoring

We operate differently

Our process is different because our results are different and we're ready to help you show people what makes you different.

Technical Search Engine Optimization Services

Unlock the Potential of your Website through Technical Search Engine Optimization Services

Establish an effective online presence by improving website performance and boosting user experience. Our design experts can make small, site wide technical changes to maximize the effectiveness of your website.

Leverage our experience to create attractive and search engine friendly (yeah, that means google) websites for getting more conversion opportunities and better market share.

Social Media Marketing Integrations
Competitor Analysis Back-link Analysis
Content Management

Mobile Optimization

Create a Strong Digital Footprint through a Responsive, Mobile friendly web design

Is your website responsive and optimized and ready to be viewed on mobile (or any device other than a desktop)? If you answered 'no', not only are you missing a great opportunity to provide a superior customer experience, you might actually be turning customers off by creating a 'bad' experience.

Creating a responsive website design that is mobile friendly website should be in the top 5 'must have' features of any new website. Benefits include:

Easy to Navigate
Responsive Design that Loads Faster
Improve Conversions
Reduced Bounce Rates

Maintenance and Updates

Improve the performance and keep content and services up to date

Are you struggling to keep your website up to date and functional? Capitalize on our experience for hassle free website maintenance. We offer customized services of various price plans to suit your needs.

Your website is one of your most important assets. Maintaining it's functionality and keeping your content and service offers up to date is a no brainer, let us help guide you to the right solution.

Plugin / Theme Updates
Content Updates
Blog Scheduling
Subscription Monitoring

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