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Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Boost Your Meetings and Content with Transcription Services

Entrepreneur's Playbook: Boost Your Meetings and Content with Transcription Services

Welcome back to the first installment of our series, ‘Entrepreneur’s Playbook.’ Each article in this series is designed to equip you with the tools, tips, and hacks you need to thrive in today’s business world. Today, we’re focusing on a game-changer that will help you multitask like a pro: transcription services. We’re spotlighting as the MVP of this space, so get ready to kick your meetings and content up a notch!

The Why: Listen, Don’t Scribble

Ever find yourself jotting down notes during a meeting and realize you’ve missed half the conversation? Active listening can take a back seat when you’re busy taking notes. But what if you could do both? Enter transcription services like Here’s How You Level-Up:

Step 1: Set Up Your Meeting

Whether it’s a client meet or a team huddle, schedule it as you normally would. syncs with Google Calendar, so it can automatically join virtual meetings.

Step 2: One-Time Settings Customization

No need to fiddle around before every meeting. With, you can set your account to automatically email transcripts to participants and take periodic screenshots. Do it once in your settings, and forget about it. Every meeting from then on will be effortlessly documented.

Step 3: Focus and Engage

Now that is your notetaker, give your full attention to the meeting. Active listening elevates your participation and understanding.

Step 4: Post-Meeting Summary’s paid service offers a neat feature: meeting summaries. These can serve as quick reference points or be sent as a follow-up email to keep everyone on the same page.

Step 5: Content Bonus

Big Tip Alert! You can use to transcript your video content. Upload that transcript to platforms like Vimeo or YouTube. This boosts your SEO and makes your content more ADA accessible.

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A Quick Note on Transparency

Hey, before we wrap this up, I want to be upfront: I do participate in’s affiliate program. But listen, this isn’t a cash grab. I’m a huge proponent of this software and use it throughout my day—both professionally and personally. Plus, I hook up my clients with my agency-level account, so they get to benefit from the advanced features without the added cost. Why? Because I genuinely believe in the power of this tool to make our entrepreneurial lives a whole lot easier and more efficient. That being said, there are many other alternatives, including:

YouTube Auto-caption

YouTube has an “auto-caption” feature that automatically generates captions for uploaded videos. While not 100% accurate, it’s pretty decent and improving continually. You can also edit these auto-generated captions to correct any mistakes. Auto-captioning is more or less a flip-of-a-switch situation once your video is uploaded.

Zoom Live Transcript

Zoom also offers live transcription services, but this feature needs to be enabled in the Zoom settings, usually by an account administrator. Once enabled, meeting hosts can turn on “Live Transcript” during a meeting, and participants will see captions in real-time. The accuracy here is generally good but can vary depending on audio quality, accents, etc.

Otter Alternatives

  1. – Known for its accuracy, offers both automated and human transcription services. It’s a bit pricier but well worth it for important meetings.
  2. Scribie – This service also provides automated and manual transcription. The user interface is intuitive, and the accuracy is generally high.
  3. Sonix – Offers automated transcription in multiple languages. Sonix also provides timestamps and allows you to export in various formats.
  4. Trint – Aimed at journalists and content creators, Trint offers an interesting feature where the text is ‘glued’ to the audio, allowing you to verify the transcript as you listen.
  5. Descript – More than just a transcription service, Descript offers audio editing via text. You delete the text you don’t want, and it removes it from the audio as well.

The ‘Transcript’ Wrap Up

Life’s too short for ineffective meetings and missed opportunities. A tool like not only enhances your meetings but also helps your content reach new heights. Make your words go the distance, and let technology amplify your entrepreneurial spirit.

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