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The North Star Journey: Chapter 6

The North Star Journey: Chapter 6

Ready to truly own your website, and make your site a functioning part of your business? 

In this series, “The North Star Journey”, we’ve been covering how your website can do so much more than help people find you on Google. 

What can a website do?

With great website design, a website can become an integral part of running your business, and help you free up time for more important tasks when it’s set up correctly. 

Hiring a professional who knows what you don’t know can help. 

When we try to be everything to everyone in our business (like a jack of all trades), we master nothing. 

Leave a Great impression

If your specialty is medical management, healthcare, non-profit, you shouldn’t also be your web developer, graphic designer, bookkeeper and IT support person, too. 

Your website is often the best way for people to learn about you. It’s your first, tenth, and fiftieth impression. 

You can work away today and work away tomorrow building your site, but it may not be everything you need. 

Instead of muddling through what might work, we’ll work together to create the exact website you need, with growth in mind. 

To further help you along in your journey, I’ve gone ahead and answered some important “Burning Questions” in the articles below. Please take some time to read through the ones which appeal to you or go ahead and email me your burning question here.

We’re dedicated to collaborating and explaining the process the whole way so YOU can truly own your business and branding. Ready to get started? Book your free, no-obligation consultation today.


Tara D. Meeker
Owner, North Star Design Studio

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