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A Definitive Guide to Writing a Convincing Service Page For Service-Based Business Owners

A Definitive Guide to Writing a Convincing Service Page For Service-Based Business Owners

Learn how to write service page content that Convert Visitors into Customers. 

At North Star Design Studio, our goal is to empower business owners like you to create effective copy for your service pages. We understand that you possess a passion and unique knowledge for your industry. Let us give you some expert tips on DIY copywriting to ensure that your service pages communicate the value you bring to your clients. We will also share our service’s content examples to clarify the basic concepts. Follow our step-by-step process to craft compelling and optimized web copy for your service pages. 

What Is A Service Page? 

A service page describes your signature offer (like a specific product or service you sell). Service pages are one of the most important pages on your website. If it is well-planned and well-written, a service page can entice and engage your potential customer. Likewise, a poorly designed page can result in a loss of revenues. 

How To Plan The Content Of Your Service Page?  

While you are planning your service page(s), keep the following in your mind. 

1. The Number of Service Pages

If you offer multiple services, list each of them on a separate landing page. Not all your clients will be interested in all of your services. For example, a visitor on a tree service website might be interested in tree pruning services but not stump grinding, insect treatment, or tree removal services. If a service provider lists all the services together on one page, it’s likely to result in a high bounce rate (users drop off the page fast as they get frustrated sifting through content they find to be irrelevant to their needs). 

Having separate pages for each service also helps from an SEO perspective. Your content, headings, and meta description can be optimized to rank for a single primary keyword. This improves your chances of ranking higher for that keyword and related support keywords in searches. 

2. Answer The Most Important Questions About Your Service 

If you want to write a compelling and convincing service page, your web copy should answer the most important questions your website visitors or prospects have about your business, industry, and services: 

  • What is your service? Who are your typical clients? 
  • What problems do your services solve?
  • Why are you a better choice as compared to your competitors? 
  • How do you deliver? What does your work look like?
  • What will the experience be like for your clients? 
  • What are other clients saying about you? 

If your service page fails to answer important, basic questions about your offering, its visitors will not convert. After all, your potential clients need to understand your offerings to see how you are a better choice. 

At its core, a service page should:

  • Establish you as a credible service provider.
  • Help the prospect to pre-vet themselves.
  • Provide a clear path for engagement (a clear call-to-action) 

3. Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword research helps you understand the words that your prospective clients type into the Google search bar when they are looking for the services you offer. 

For example, if you are a Connecticut-based insulation company, “Connecticut Insulation company” might be the keyword your clients use to reach your website.  

You can find relevant keywords with the help of a premium tool like SemRush. These keywords are further classified on the basis of competition, relevance, and search intent. 

You can also use tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics to evaluate your site’s existing content as it relates to user engagement and SERPs to-date.

4. On-Page SEO  

Once relevant keywords are defined, add them to your meta title, meta description, headings, alt tags to images and paragraph content. It is also important to add primary and secondary keywords in the right number in the text. “This right number” can be determined by comparing the number of times each of the supporting keywords is used on the web pages of the competitors ranking for your keyword. 

You also need to optimize your alt tags to images with these keywords. Alt tags were primarily created to provide text descriptions for images, aiding individuals with visual impairments in understanding the content. By optimizing alt tags with primary keywords, you not only make your website more accessible to visually impaired visitors using screen readers but also improve the overall user experience for all users.

Optimizing alt tags with primary keywords can significantly boost the keyword relevance of your web pages. When search engines crawl your website, they analyze the alt tags along with other elements to determine the focus and topic of the page.

The bottom line is that your web copy should inform and convert your potential clients. It should also communicate to search engines that your website is the most reliable and appropriate result when someone is searching for one of your services (this creates an authority). 

You can also benefit from our expert SEO services. We dive deep and dig out the most valuable keywords for your services, industry and business. We can then optimize your text with the right supporting keywords to help it can rank better (organically)  in search results (SERPs).  

Elements Of Web Copy Of A Service Page 

Elements Of Web Copy Of A Service Page
1. Headline 
2. Subheadline 
3. Pain Points and Solutions 
4. Call To Action 
5. Why Choose Us?
6. The Benefits Of Our Service 
7. Testimonials 
8. Our Process 
9. A Final Call To Action 
10. FAQs 
11. Our Products 
12. Should You DIY? 

1. Headline 

The headline is one of the most effective parts of your web copy. It is your first impression on the client. Master copywriter Gene Schwartz used to spend many hours on writing headlines and the opening paragraph of a sales-piece. According to him, the first 50 words were the most important part of persuasive writing.  

Similarly, Ogilvy once wrote, “On average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” 

Headlines are a critical part of your web copy but how to write a compelling headline. It’s simple. Use one of the following formulas to create a great headline: 

  1. Describe your service: E.g., the headline on the AirBNB website is “Book unique places to stay and things to do.”
  2. Describe what you get when you hire that service: E.g., the headline on the Otterbox website is “Less laboring. More outdoorsing.”
  3. Describe what you are able to do with that service: E.g., the headline on Crazy Egg’s website is, “Make your website instantly better.” 
  4. Benefit + Service: E.g., Get Paid Faster (Benefit) With a Professional Billing Service (Service). E.g., Make Your Home Cozy (Benefit) By Hiring An Expert Insulation Company (Service)  

2. Subheadline 

The sub-headline should further explain the headline and motivate the visitors to continue reading. It should include the value proposition, i.e., what makes your business unique from your competitors. 

For example, the subheading on North Star Design Studio web page is: “Creative Web Design, Development, and Branding for Service-based Businesses and Non-profits”

It gives a clear idea of our primary service offering and who are our target customers (who is most likely to benefit from the level of services we offer). 

Here’s another example from one of our client’s website: 

A Definitive Guide to Writing a Convincing Service Page

3. Highlight Pain Points and Solutions 

One of the most effective ways to attract the attention of your target audience is to highlight their pain points. This builds an immediate rapport with your potential customers. After highlighting the problems your typical clients face, you have to describe how you could solve them. This is where you have to mention your key value proposition. 

Here is an example from are client’s website, a spray foam company based in Connecticut. The section highlighted in blue shows the problem, and the one highlighted in green shows the solution and value proposition. 

A Definitive Guide to Writing a Convincing Service Page

Another way of highlighting pain points is by asking a series of questions before offering solutions and value propositions. Let us share the example from another client’s website, a child therapy service based in Connecticut.   

A Definitive Guide to Writing a Convincing Service Page

4. A Call-to-Action (CTA) 

A CTA (often presented as a button) prompts visitors to take the desired action. The following tips should be kept in mind while writing the copy for CTA. 

  • The copy should be clear, concise, and straightforward. Some of the bad examples of CTA copy are, “Click here to get a surprise, Register, Click Here, Submit, Enter Here.” Some good examples of CTA copy are “Unlock Exclusive Access, Book A Consultation, Call Us, Request a Quote,” etc. 
  • The text on the CTA button should not be too long. 

5. Why Choose Us? 

This section describes what makes you a great choice for your potential customers. Here you have the chance to highlight your exceptional qualification, certification, services, awards, rates, online ratings, etc., that makes you stand out. 

Client Example: 

A Definitive Guide to Writing a Convincing Service Page

5. Benefits of Hiring Your Service 

Another important section on your service page is the benefits section. It is important to understand here that merely listing the features won’t help. You should put yourself into your client’s shoes and understand how these features can benefit your clients. 

Let us take the example of a tree service company. Some of the features of their business could be: 

  • Licensed and insured. 
  • Great equipment. 
  • Well-maintained vehicles 
  • A well-trained team  
  • The team can take care of a variety of tree problems. 

The benefits would look something like this: 

  • Reliable tree service 
  • Safety and Quality 
  • On-time arrival 
  • Stress-free experience 
  • Comprehensive tree care. 

Client Examples:

A Definitive Guide to Writing a Convincing Service Page

7. Testimonials

Adding testimonials can help you win the trust of your potential customers. A testimonial is like a referral and provides proof that you have a legitimate business. These testimonials also provide valuable information about your service to your potential customers. The testimonials should be concise, accurate, and simple. A long story or vague description does not help in improving conversions. The following are some of the testimonials from our own website. 

If you want to harness the full potential of testimonials, you should strategically place them throughout your service pages rather than confining them to a single service page. This way, you can integrate social proof seamlessly into the content of your web page. When your visitors are consistently exposed to the positive experiences of previous satisfied customers, they are likely to convert faster.


8. Our Process 

The last section of your service page should describe your process. The potential customers would like to understand how you deliver your service. It is best to present your process in the form of bullets so that your potential customers can easily understand.

If you offer more than one service, and the process for each of these is the same, you can list the process only on the home page and avoid repeating it on service pages. At other times, you can have a separate page to describe your process and link it in the navigation bar. 

9. Final Call to Action

Add a final call to action. It could direct people whether to purchase, subscribe, or book a consultation. One of the most common ways of adding a Call-to-Action is by adding a clickable button. When clicked, it leads the user to take the next action. 

Besides adding a CTA near the bottom of the page, you should add them at all the important places on the web page such as after introducing key benefits, presenting compelling statistics, or addressing pain points. This approach can improve conversions as many website visitors may not scroll down to the bottom of the page to hit the final call to action. 

Certain visitors are already aware of their problems and seeking a solution. They should be given an “above the fold” opportunity to convert. This means that you should strategically position CTAs within the visible portion of your page to ensure that your visitors do not have to scroll down. 

10. FAQs

Your service page should answer some of the most important questions about your business. FAQs section can address the queries of your potential customers. Think about the five questions your potential customers ask you when they want to book your services. You can also get input from your customer service department on it. Write clear and concise answers to these questions and add them to your service page. 

Instead of confining FAQs to a separate dedicated page, you should integrate them directly onto each service page. It can create a streamlined user experience. Your potential customers can find answers to their specific questions without navigating to a separate page. This convenience reduces friction and increases engagement. 

11. Our Products

If you use any specific products while providing a service, you can mention those too. This can provide more clarity to your potential customers about what to expect when they order your services. 

12. Can I DIY? 

This section is more relevant for service-based businesses. Whenever a potential client lands on their website, one of the greatest hurdles in their conversion is the thought of DIY instead of hiring a professional. This section aims at highlighting the benefits of hiring a professional in comparison with the risks associated with DIY. If structured well, this section can help in conversions. 

Do you need help writing the content for your service page? 

We understand that being a business owner means wearing many hats all the time. We also understand that no one understands your business better than you. Our SEO experts can provide you with a list of keywords to help you write your own optimized content. We can even optimize your existing content or stream-of-thought content you’ve recently written.

Don’t have time to write your website content? Let us take care of content writing and optimization while you focus on what really matters to you, that is, your business! 

At NSDS, our professional and expert SEO copywriters research, write, and deliver high-quality website content. We have helped countless service-based businesses create high-quality, engaging, and optimized web copy in a wide variety industries. We offer SEO blog writing and strategies also. Check out our SEO Copywriting page to learn more about these services. And, as always, consultations are free.

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