Attract better clients, save time and build your brand with a website designed to work as hard as you do.

Creative Web Design, Development, and Branding for Service-based Businesses and Non-profits.



Your business is unique and we understand that the one size fits all approach doesn't work (honestly, it never really did). Our design process starts by truly understanding everything we can about your business including it's systems, structures, processes, market and long term goals. Once we've dug deep, we recommend creative solutions that address your pain-points and meet your markets' unique needs.

Whether you need website design, recommendations, systems, integrations, updates, maintenance, SEO, Content Development, or updated branding, North Star Design Studio has you covered. 

Website Design That Turns Your Site Into A Tool For Growth

Take your business in the right direction with website design services that turn your website into a tool that works as hard as you do. Turn pain-points into possibilities and pipe-dreams into realities when you collaborate with the experienced team at North Star Design Studio. Our creative concepts maximize the user experience to deliver responsive design that converts.  Learn More >

Content Development Rooted in SEO and Keyword Research

Our SEO professionals are expert copywriters who craft content that speaks to prospective customers in a way that moves them along in their journey to becoming your next best client. We'll work with you to develop content which is authentic and attracts better customers. Learn More >

Maintenance Packages That Keep You Up To Date

Maintenance packages are key to getting the most out of your investment. Monitoring code, functions, renewals, site updates, integrations, functionalities and fielding needed content updates are just the tip of the iceberg. Learn More >

Graphic Design As Unique As Your Brand

Improve your brand recognition through essential branding elements like logo development. We leverage both contemporary and classic trends for layout, color and typography to ensure branded concepts resonate best with the people who matter most, the ones you want to do business with. From favicons and social media imagery to point-of-sale displays and event graphics, North Star Design Studio has the hands-on experience needed to create meticulously branded logos and designs that elevate your customers' experience. Learn More >

Perfectly Branded online Presence for Maximum Recognition

These days, your website is likely the first introduction prospective clients will have to your business and without exceptional web design (both on the front and back end), your brand could be compromised. Our project managers, designers and developers put their knowledge and experience to work for you with design solutions custom tailored for your business' goals. Our branded website designs are custom, mobile responsive and easy to manage. These services are ideal for:

Service-based Business

Our branded design services are ideal for providers with high-ticket billable services and/or industries that rely on commission based revenue streams.

Established Non-profits

North Star has helped many non-profits maximize grant allotments and donor based budgets to create unique, flexible websites that enhance their messaging and allow their teams to focus on both their mission and fundraising goals.

Educators, Authors and Advocates

North Star has had the pleasure of working with educators, authors and advocates to bring their vision to life and spread their messages in the most effective ways possible.

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Check what our clients say:

"I knew from Tara's client in-take process I wanted to work with her! She's professional and creative and works quickly and efficiently. She heard my goals from a call, provided my goals and estimate, stayed within budget and let me know when I was reaching ranges of the budget. North Star provided more than mere website design, they offered solid business and marketing advice."

Andrea Hancock

"You need somebody from the outside. We didn't have the imagination to know what to do or what we could do. North Star came in and said, 'This is the vision. This is how we do it. This is what it looks like. This is how you keep it going.',  they were right."

Christina Mailhos

"Only good things to say about this company! Tara was a pleasure to work with while designing our website. She had so many creative ideas we would have never come up with on our own. Consistently went above and beyond for us and we can't thank her enough. We would recommend her to absolutely anyone looking for website design!"

Edward Casner

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