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Updated: Nov 21, 2020

From mapping your customer journey through to planning for future growth, success often hinges on creating a solid plan.

Step 1. Assess and Analyze

When a designer takes up the assignment of branding, his first task is to assess and analyze business goals and brand personality. She usually asks the clients to describe their business. Another way of knowing a business is by asking the clients to make a list of 4 to 5 keywords that describe a business.

Once a designer has assessed a business’ goals, she can analyze the current market situation. Thorough market research enables the designer to dig out information on the target audience and the competitors. User research provides precise information on the preferences of the target audience and helps in creating an appropriate design.

Step 2: Plan

After collecting all the relevant information, the designer starts planning. This stage involves:

  1. Positioning your brand
  2. Developing a messaging strategy
  3. Developing various ideas for the business’s name, logo, tag line, and website.
  4. Developing your content marketing strategy

The time-line for designing and deployment is also suggested.

Step 3: Design

At this stage, the design ideas are refined and finalized. There is a one-on-one discussion between the designer and the client on the following issues:

  1. Identity and branding assets e.g. logo designs and trademarks.
  2. How the company would be perceived as a result of the branding strategy.
  3. Layout variations for ensuring consistency in the design layout.
  4. The website design is finalized.

Step 4: Develop

Based on the discussions with the client, the design is developed. The website is created. The navigational structure, content management, and database are also implemented.

Step 5: Deploy

At this point, the website details are finalized. Testing of code, forms, and functionality is performed. Usability issues are addressed. It is time to officially launch your website.

The Role of Client in Branding

The clients should be involved in every step of branding. Some clients are reluctant, they prefer to send a brief to the designers and encourage them to do the rest. But if the designers and the clients collaborate at every step, amazing things happen.

Continuous involvement of the client during the process of brand design illuminates the designer. She might find some interesting stories about the product. She might find words for what her client is trying to say. She might find the unique selling proposition of her client.

If the client and the designer get under the skin of the brand together, it results in outstanding branding.

Key Takeaway

Great branding takes soul searching, market evaluation, vision and a plan! Whether you’re embarking on a brand refresh or starting from scratch.

When you are ready to invest in your companies future, schedule a Strategy Session here with our Creative Director to explore our branding solutions.

Written in collaboration with Sana Choudhry.

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