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Rushlow Wellness - Course Content Delivery

Services delivered include: Website Development, Learning Management System (LMS) Integrations, Marketing Integrations, Custom Graphic Design, Content Development, Maintenance and Branded Logo Design.

Project Goals: The top goal of this website rebuild was to create an evergreen course delivery platform with member dashboard.

Strategy: To do this we implemented an LMS dashboard with core marketing integrations to create a process that delivers an amazing course experience to clients and allows Rushlow Wellness to manage all client related tasks from a  single dashboard.

Resulting Benefit: Their core service offering takes 1/5th the time to deliver per client and is 90% automated sans weekly pre-scheduled touch-points with clients.

Rushlow Wellness
Flagman Safety

Flagman Safety

About This Project: This site represents a Phase 1 rollout of a National Safety Awareness Initiative. This initial site serves as an informative teaser to acquire both advocacy support and funding  from  Institutions and C-level executives within related industries.

Strategy: In this phase, we focused on user experience and lead capturing. We implemented conditional logic functions to customize the experience for users based on their own input and capture user details to leverage for future marketing efforts. We also laid the groundwork for tracking video views (Vimeo), creating automation sequences (Active Campaign), and delivering added value rewards for engagement. 

Services delivered include: Website Development, Content Development, SEO Optimization, Maintenance and Branding Consultation.

Iodice Media

Iodice Media

About This Project: This project was for a film studio who'd not previously had a website. Their primary goal was to showcase their work for perspective clients as well as industry peers.

Strategy: We leaned into a stripped down Vlog design which allowed for enhanced branding, project updates, and content optimization . This structure has also created an opportunity for content monetization through Vimeo and YouTube channels.

Services delivered include: Website Development, Content Management, Maintenance and Branded Logo Design.

Green Apple Spray Foam

Green Apple Spray Foam

About This Project: The project was for a local trades professional who wanted to streamline his business by focusing solely on insulation services while expanding his reach to target both homeowners and builders.

Strategy: To meet these needs, we leverage keyword research and focused heavily on content development for a whopping 11 pages of services. This included custom content to target builders and homeowners on dedicated pages (New Home Construction and Retrofit Insulation respectively).

Services delivered include: Website Development, Content Management, Maintenance and Branded Logo Design.

KidSense Therapy Group

KidSense Therapy Group

About This Project: The initial goal of this client was to create a streamlined and HIPAA compliant on-boarding system to improve their client experience and reduce administrative time related to on-boarding, follow-ups and corrections. 

Strategy: To do this we redesigned their customer journey and upgraded their intake process by integrating with a third party service provider (IntakeQ) to properly manage forms and client data. 

Resulting Benefit: The in-office intake process has been eliminated as now on-boarding is completed 100% in advance. 

Ongoing: For this client we have also delivered projects relating to SEO optimization, blog automation and monthly maintenance plus we provide consultation services to their internal marketing team. Read Case Study Here

Services delivered include: Website Development, Content Development, Blog Management, SEO Optimization and Maintenance.

EC Tree Home Page

EC Tree Service - CT

About This Project: When EC Tree Service came to North Star they were getting zero leads from their website and most of their phone leads were related to 'lawn maintenance', a service they do not offer. 

Strategy: The North Star team leveraged best SEO, design and marketing practices to launch a new website that clearly stated both their services and their added-value to prospective clients. We also optimized forms and call-to-actions to ensure leads could be answered in real time and that the site's forms balanced users' tolerance for filling out fields with the EC Tree's need to collect enough information to give an accurate quote fast. 

Resulting Benefit: Client now receives both leads and review through the website regularly and has eliminated tire kicking related to lawn care services.

Services delivered include: Website Development, Content Development, Marketing Integrations, SEO Optimization, Maintenance and Branded Logo Design.

Welcome Home Mortgage

Welcome Home Mortgage

About This Project: The primary goal of this website makeover was 2 fold. Create a streamlined and responsive design that enabled visitors to easily access important information. And second, to create a lead-filtering system to eliminate manual distribution of leads to team members. 

Strategy: To do this we reorganized the site structure into 4 primary navigation points based on user needs and updated content to flow more naturally into these buckets. This included creating a 'glossary of terms' accessible from any page to help aid user journey. For the lead-filtering system, we added custom lead forms to each agent's landing page which sends the lead straight to their inbox. As a redundancy, leads are also sent to a general inbox for administrative back-up and monitoring. 

Resulting Benefit: Delay in response to leads has been reduced from an average of 2-3 business days to 1 business day and the general office administrative team no longer fields the dozens of inquiries the site generates each week.

Services delivered include: Website Development, Marketing Integrations, and Branded Logo Design.

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