Discovery - Development - Refinement - Delivery

First, we’ll schedule a Discovery Call where we’ll define your project’s goals, create a list of deliverables, and set timelines. From there, North Star will prepare a detailed proposal for your approval.

Once you’ve approved our proposal, your project will move into development where our creative team will dig in and do their thang! You can kick back and relax knowing that our team is working hard for you and you’ll be updated as soon as it’s time to go over your initial concept reviews.

Once your feedback is in, we’ll update relevant materials on our end, communicating with you throughout this process to ensure that we’re “hitting the nail on the head”!

Once you’ve given the green light on final drafts, our team will package and deliver project elements and/or deploy and publish them as outlined in the proposal.

Your Role:
Be open, responsive, and available during all stages of the process.

Our Role:
To be creative, transparent, and communicative.