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Updated: Nov 21, 2020

The other day I stopped at the store to return something. While I waited on the 100 mile line, my eyes drifted to a guy that was standing off to the side, chatting up a woman.

He was wearing a toupee and it was pretty obvious. I immediately caught myself staring and quickly averted my eyes… then I made awkward eye contact with other people who were ALSO averting their eyes!

I could tell that we all felt bad, but no one was saying ANYTHING.

It seemed like everyone in the store knew what was up – except him.

He had plenty of confidence and seemed like a nice enough guy, which is awesome! But that unfortunate toupee was probably going to ruin any chance he had.

How did I know? The woman he was talking to had the same uncomfortable look on her face that we all did.

My suspicions were confirmed a few minutes later when I overheard her politely decline his offer of dinner.

Now you may be thinking “Who cares! Her loss! She’s shallow anyway!”… and yes, that’s a valid point, but the fact of the matter is that people make snap judgments based on appearance. They just do. Its human nature and it’s been proven in psychological studies time after time.

I wondered how things could have gone differently for him, if only he had a better toupee! In my version of the story she gives him a chance, he wins her over with his personality, and they lived happily ever after!

I’m sharing this story because random guys in stores aren?t the only ones rocking ‘bad toupees.’

Logos can have bad toupees too.

Logos are such a critical part of your branding strategy. They’re literally the visual representation of your company. People think of your company as soon they see it, so first impressions are CRUCIAL.

When people see your logo, what are they thinking? Are they uncomfortably averting their eyes? Or are they drawn to it AND to your business?

Unfortunately, bad logos happen way too often.

I was working with a client recently, when I discovered that their logo belonged to another client of mine. The other client who owned the logo had been using it for 5+ years! The current client had purchased the same logo from a 5 buck logo site.

Sadly, these types of sites churn out the same low cost logos to multiple businesses. You think  you’re getting a brand spanking new logo, but 20 other businesses have the same exact one.

Sometimes you may not even have the rights to your logo! You don’t want to build an entire brand around your logo, only to one day receive a letter from a copyright lawyer, demanding that you cease and desist in using the logo immediately. You either spend money fighting a legal battle, or create a brand new logo and possibility confuse your customers.

It?s not worth the risk.

Investing in a quality logo is a much better idea. When you work with a professional “clears throat” like me, I will ensure that you have a high quality, unique logo that represents your company well. You’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that you own full usage rights for the logo.

Ready to give your logo a makeover? Book a strategy session here and let’s discuss your business needs.

P.S. ? While we?re on the subject of branding, does your website pass the sniff test? No? Yes? Wondering what the heck I?m talking about? Tune in next time and I?ll explain.

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