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Data Driven Copywriting and Content Development Services for Small to Medium sized Service-based Business Providers.

On-page SEO Copywriting Services

Use Valuable Keywords and Carefully Crafted Content to Get Your Business Found Online.

No matter how 'pretty' your website is, it needs to be optimized for search engines (SEO) as well as human beings in order to rank well and attract (or earn) visitors. And great SEO begins with basic technical SEO and on-page SEO.

Technical SEO is just that, technical, so we won't bog you down with the nitty gritty details here. But basic boxes to check include mobile optimization, meta tagging and indexing with search engines like Google and Bing. On-page SEO refers to the actual content on your pages (making sure the text means something to both perspective clients and search engines like google).

A combination of SEO best practices and persuasive copy can increase your search engine rankings and generate more leads for your business. We do not do that fluffy and shallow content, laden with keywords, which only damages your brand's standing. We assign a dedicated, professional copywriter to every project, whether it is a product description page, a blog post or a landing page. They will take the time to get to know you and your brand as well as your industry. Then we merge that knowledge with the latest best practices in SEO and proven content marketing strategies (like backlinking) to help you appear in relevant search results.

Our expert copywriters start with the keyword research and create persuasive SEO friendly content that aligns with your brand voice, tone and style. Adhering to a data driven keyword strategy means your brand gets the well deserved exposure it needs.

Don't know where to start?

That's ok, we do… it's part of our job! Landing on the right expert to help craft the type of content that 'does the trick' is no easy feat. Schedule a consultation today to explore why North Star might be the right fit for your website and copywriting project.

Competitor Analysis

Boost your reach through In-depth Analysis of Your Target Market and Competitors

Content optimization starts by knowing your competition and their strategies. We’ll do in-depth competitor analysis, both at national and local levels to understand what your competitors are doing and what works.

Get the detailed reports on your competitors’ strategies like their best performing keywords, traffic sources, top performing web pages, backlink profile and social media campaigns through our cutting edge tools and softwares.

Using all this data, our conversion copywriting expert decides on a road map to optimize your website. We also figure out your unique selling proposition and use it to craft authentic website content.

And we'll stay in touch every step of the way to ensure we have buy-in from you and relevant stakeholders.

I knew SEO was important and could be complex, but what I didn’t know is how easy it could be to have success with the right guide. Beyond web development, North Star offers amazing copywriting services and helped guide me through the process of content creation which included defining goals, identifying keywords and parsing in-depth competitor analysis. North Star’s copywriting services are a must have add-on to any web development project.

Web Content

Get a convincing and evocative copy which promotes your business effectively

With shortening attention spans, your website copy has to be brief and succinct. Our expert writers can write persuasive and powerful content for your Home Page, About Us Page or Service Pages focusing on high-traffic keywords.

Collaborate with us to create an outline for each of the web pages to provide inputs to our SEO writers. Our content writing services utilize cutting edge AI tools to optimize your web copy and support your digital marketing strategy.  

Based on your input and our comprehensive keyword research reports, our content writers create the first draft of the content while ensuring that keyword density is optimal. We review it with our clients to incorporate their input and create a finalized draft.

The resulting web content will gauge attention, build brand awareness and attract qualified leads.

North Star’s amazing team, especially Tara, has the ability to really listen and tease out the right information to help me define achieve goals that grow my business and let me deliver better service to more clients. By leveraging North Star's SEO and copywriting services, I was able to create content based on strategic keywords that not only engages and connects with my potential customers and clients, but does so in a voice that is authentic to who I am.

Blog Content

Build a Great Brand with Engaging Blog Posts

Your audience expects valuable and relevant  long-form content that resonates with their wants and needs. Be a reliable resource of information for your customers through an optimized blog post. Educate and entertain your customers with engaging content to establish yourself as industry leaders.

Utilize our expertise to develop a content strategy and post share-worthy Skyscraper content. Based on competitive keywords, we create interesting and creative posts which drive traffic, increase conversions and persuade your audience to take an action. We understand the expectations of your customers and content requirements to deliver high quality content, every time.

Each of the blog posts will be optimized to provide opportunities for your business to be discovered and establish your authority.

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